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Boot Hell Part II – AT Boots that Kill

Last year, I was forever changed by the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance boot, the quintessential backcountry ski boot. It is crazy light, walks like a hiking boot, and skis like a beast. Unfortunately, its narrow, low-volume last squeezed my 6th toe like a vise (6th toe is a bump or bunion behind your little toe). I could walk in them in relative comfort for a few hours, but on long tours of 4-6 hours, my feet suffered. And unfortunately, because of the flex toe on the TLT 5, it can’t be punched or stretched significantly in the 6th toe area. As a result, this season I have been through 3 ski boots trying to find one that fits and that walks as well as the TLT 5. [Read More…]


Bitter Temps A Double Edged Sword

Daytime temperatures in the Tetons have been around zero since Wednesday. The low temperatures make skiing in the backcountry a double edged sword. You freeze your ass off all day, but the snow stays cold, dry, and light on all aspects and there are very few skiers tracking it up. [Read More…]