Day 41 – Incredibowl

Distance: 9.2 miles

Vertical: 4,000'

While the southern Rockies got 20-40 inches of snow in a couple days, the Tetons got 36 inches of snow over 7 days. That’s how it works around here. We don’t get 15-25″ in 24 hours. For example, for the last 7 days, Targhee reported 6″, 8″, 1″, 8″, 3″, 7″, 6″. As a result, on the popular backcountry bowls, the tracks don’t get covered day to day; the bowls look more like a ski resort than a back country bowl. You have to find places where people haven’t skied, and that requires a big walk.

That’s what we did today. A big walk into a deserted canyon, all the way to its head, and there sat Incredibowl, completely untracked. The sky was clear, there was no wind, and the snow was almost perfect, and we skied the 3 best lines on the bowl.

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