Day 45 – San Francisco Bay

Distance: 3.2 miles

Vertical: 1000'

After seeing the difference in new snow depth in the higher elevations, we decided to use the Targhee lifts to access terrain between 9000 – 10,000′. What a difference. There was 20″ of medium density powder.

Unfortunately, when we got to the top of a north facing bowl, the fog came in. Since the bowl is almost treeless, it was impossible to see. We waited for a clearing but the fog kept rolling in and out but never completely cleared.

Finally, I decided to go after a partial clearing. I could see a stick peaking above the snow about 300′ feet down. That was my guide. The snow was very deep and a bit heavy. It was like skiing in slow motion. But we were psyched to do another run.

But then the fog came in even stronger and we couldn’t even see the trees at the bottom. After an attempt on the south side, we decided to retreat. Skiing blindly in avalanche terrain seemed like a bad idea.

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