Day 53 – Taylor

Distance: 4.7 miles

Vertical: 3896'

After wallowing in the deep, new snow yesterday, I decided we needed to ski steep trees today. Steep bowls would be good too, but it might be a day too early for that. Also, I was hoping that the cold air would dry and firm up the snow.

Another reason I decided to ski Taylor today was that yesterday, I heard that someone had broken a trail up. I did enough trail breaking yesterday. Unfortunately, whoever broke the trail went straight up with almost no switchbacks. Since Taylor is a pretty consistent 35 degrees, it was very difficult to climb the track, but a LOT easier than breaking our own trail.

At about 9600′, I was exhausted from the up track and had very little enthusiasm. We peeled the skins and did a lap in the glades. The snow was perfect hero snow.

If you don’t think the dead can come back to life, give them a good powder run and see what happens. We climbed up for another lap, but this time we climbed to 10,000′.

We skied into the Poop Chute bowl and it was amazing. The lighting improved as soon as we skied down about 200′ and the snow was perfect all the way to the bottom.

Best day of skiing this year.

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