Day 67 – Blind Chicken

Distance: 3.5 miles

Vertical: 1920'

I used to work for an Austrian American plumber. When I got cocky and started bragging about some accomplishment, he’d say, with his thick, Arnold, Austrian accent: Even a blind chicken finds a piece of corn once in a while.

Today was a Blind Chicken day. The Pass was closed again with no estimated opening time. That usually means not until 5pm or not at all. After hearing the dire warnings in the PM Avalanche forecast (they essentially said to stay home today) and the meltdown temps, my ski partners said they might sit it out.

Fighting off the temptation to mope around the house and feel sorry for myself, I quickly packed up my gear and headed to Stateline parking lot at the Idaho / Wyoming border. That’s where they close the road, but you can find great skiing from there.

I got there around 8:20 and there wasn’t one car there. I considered Oliver, but the thought of that brutal up-track and the trail breaking it would require pushed me to the north side of the road where I found Blind Chicken bowl, a 425′ bowl right next to the highway.

Despite the warm temps, the skiing turned out to be quite good, better than I expected. Plus, it was lovely finding this isolated, untracked bowl right next to the highway. So nice, I did five laps.

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