Day 69 – Fruit Bowl

Distance: 5.8 miles

Vertical: 3438'

The storm continues to pound the mountains. Back to Fruit Bowl. Very warm conditions but the snow was still very good and very few people skiing. But you could barely see.

This was the last day for my two Canadian friends. They have been here for 10 weeks. Sad to see them go, but I think they got what they came for: untracked powder.

There are two ways to get good powder. You can chase storms or go to a place that usually gets good snow and stay there. The snow comes eventually, but you have to deal with the down times, the times of no new snow.

That’s what this winter has been like in the Tetons. November and early December were pretty good. Then it stopped snowing and we couldn’t buy a decent storm. January was better, but there was a lull mid month. February has been great and provided several four 10 star days.

The long term forecast said, “Warmer and Dryer than usual.” They were right about the warmer, but the snowpack is now around 120% of normal.

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