Day 73 – Weigh Station

Distance: 8.89 miles

Vertical: 5653'

I didn’t intend to ski 5600′ today. On the way up, there was a disappointing 3-5″ of new snow on crust. I thought, “I’m going to pay dearly getting down the south ridge to the highway.”

I hoped there was more snow up higher. Targhee reported 10″ and Jackson 6″. It didn’t get a lot deeper as I reached my high point at 9140′. I was debating between a long tour and a short tour.

I went for the short tour. By short tour, I mean getting to the goods quicker. I still ended up over 8 miles.

I figured if Moonlight was not good, I’d cut my loses and struggle down the south ridge. Turns out Moonlight Bowl was perfect. So perfect, I did 8 laps.

After 8 laps, I was pretty tired. I looked at my GPS and I thought it said around 3000′. That’s pretty good, I thought.

The south ridge was lovely. 1800′ of really fun skiing. There was some breakable crust under 4-6″ of new snow, but it skied quite well, especially the top 2/3. The bottom1/3 was a bit grabby, but it was OK as long as I paid attention.

When I got back to the car, I checked my total elevation. 5653′. No wonder I was tired. A much better day than I anticipated.

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