Day 75 – Teton Pass

Distance: 5 miles

Vertical: 1200'

Headed up to Mount Elly thinking of a slightly shady spot that might still hold some powder. On the way, I stopped off in Avalanche bowl. It was pretty tracked up, but there were still a few short, clean lines in dense powder.

I should have stayed in Avalanche, but I was hoping for better snow on Elly. On and around Elly, I found breakable crust on most aspects and a tiny amount of very compressed powder.

I didn’t expect this to be my last day, but maybe it is. I’m headed to Mexico on April 3, and suddenly have a lot of work to finish up before then. It would take some new pow to get me back out now.

What can I say. Things went downhill fast in March. It pretty much stopped snowing, and it got very warm. We’ll see what happens after April 15 when I return.

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