Day 13 – Rake Job

Distance: 7 miles

Vertical: 3000'

There are still quite a few classic bowls that have not been skied. For good reason. Those classic bowls have a northerly aspect and are currently very prone to avalanches.

We decided that Rake bowl was an acceptable risk. Of course, we stayed off the skier’s right side of the bowl, the place where avalanches are born on this bowl.

We did not dig a pit. You don’t need to dig a pit to know that avalanche conditions are high. Just look around at all the natural and remote releases, and then read the daily avalanche reports. Those two sources of information will save you a lot of back breaking work. Based on that data, you shouldn’t be skiing any of these bowls.

I did a couple test turns to see if anything moved. It didn’t. We skied 4 laps. The snow was lovely.

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