Day 2 Teton Pass

Distance: 4 miles

Vertical: 1100'

After about 4 weeks of no snow, it finally started snowing again. Nothing major, just a frustrating few inches for several days. All the predicted storms seemed to go north or south of the Tetons.

We were starting get desperate. Frost-on-Rocks Benedict and I decided to try the Pass. “We’ll go for a walk,” we said to each other. “We just need to get some exercise.”

The trail up Pass Ridge was well covered. I fully expected to have to walk some of it. However, the bowls were looking very hairy with much of the summer vegetation poking through.

We hiked up to Mount Ellie. Had I been by myself, I’d have peeled the skins there and skied back to the car. But Front-on-Rocks wanted to go over toward Thanksgiving Bowl.

Thanksgiving Bowl looked very thin, and it’s a pretty rock bowl. So we decided to ski down a low angle gully on skier’s right. Very challenging snow, but we made it to the bottom without hitting anything. That was enough for me. Save some of my luck for another day.

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