Day 20, 21, 22 – We Need a Game Changer

A friend from Oregon came out for some skiing. By Tuesday, we had received 8-12″ of snow. Along with the new snow came high wind. I took him to a hidden gem that requires a little bush whacking. He said it reminded him a lot of skiing in Oregon…until we got to the lovely, hidden bowl with about 15″ of untracked snow on it. Then he saw the difference between Wyoming snow and Oregon snow. It was an 8+ day.

The next day we went to Freeway Creek. Strangely, there were very few cars or skiers there. There was about 15″ of heavy, upside down, wind-affected snow. It was fun to ski, but not for my Oregon friend. He hadn’t skied bottomless shit before. He survived for two laps. RAM and I decided to do a third and forth lap on a different slope. We were rewarded for our trouble by some 8-9 powder.

Finally, on Friday, we skied Trigger and Roy Rogers bowls. Trigger was a 7.5 and Roy was an 8.5. Both were untracked.

Although the skiing was pretty good, it wasn’t good enough to inspire me to fight the weekend traffic. I stayed home and rested.

We need a game-changing storm, something that covers everything, including old tracks.

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