Day 28 – Unstabowl

Distance: 4 miles

Vertical: 4500'

Friday brought a break in the storm cycle. A cold, sunny, calm day. We climbed the steep boot track up Unstabowl. When we got to the summit, we could see a major avalanche on Taylor East face. About one third of the East Face slid 3,000′ to the drainage and then ran about 300 yards down the drainage.

Of course, we were taking a more moderate line, but it was unnerving. The bowl slid without any human activity.

The top third of Unstabowl was wind scorched, but the bottom section was dense, heavy powder, but fun to ski.

We at lunch in the car (it was about 10 degrees) and then skied the south side of the Pass. The snow was a little better.

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