Day 31 – Perceptabowl

Distance: 4 miles

Vertical: 2800'

With several days of 25-50mph wind, I took a couple rest days. I love storm conditions, but add dangerously high wind to it, and I can find other things to do.

Today’s forecast said the winds would be mild.I thought of all the protected areas we could ski today. Anything with a south to west aspect would likely scorched by the wind.

I had Perceptabowl in mind as I drove on Hwy 22 toward Teton Pass, but I needed to see how much it was skied. When I got to the trailhead parking, I could see that Perceptabowl had only a couple tracks on it. It faces north and is protected by ridges from the westerly wind.

The trail breaking up Asshole Trees was very difficult, but having 3 trail breakers helped. What surprised me was how little effect the wind had on the PO Creek area. The avalanche report said the wind was so strong that it had affected all aspects.

The old saying, “If you don’t go, you don’t know” proved true today. Perceptable had about 20″ of perfect, untracked, light powder, and the lighting was very good. We got 4 laps without seeing another skier.

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