Day 4 – Teton Pass – Trench Warfare

Distance: 1.5 miles

Vertical: 1200'

Woke up early to check snow conditions. First Teton Pass Cam. Still snowing up there. Then Targhee Stick of Truth. I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus. Does that say 17″?

Finally, we got a big dump. Time to get dressed to go skiing. I went to the Pass again because of the easy access.

The wind was howling. Not a good sign. I was the first one in and the trail breaking was difficult. About 10-20″ of heavy, wind-affected snow. I had intended to go to Olympia Bowl, but it was wind scoured. My next choice was Avalanche bowl. That should be sheltered from the wind.

Trench Skiing

I was right. The snow on Avalanche bowl was mostly out of the wind. But it was upside down, meaning a dense top layer and less dense layer below. The snow was about 15″ deep, and my tracks left a deep trench through the snow. I did five laps (only 200′ each), getting more used to the strange conditions on each lap. Overall, a very good day. Best snow yet this season.

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