Day 40 – Wednesday is the New Saturday

Distance: 3.5 miles

Vertical: 2300'

Targhee got about 10″ of snow in 24 hours. We planned to ski a couple laps at Targhee and then exit to the back country. When I got to Targhee, it looked more like Saturday than Wednesday. The parking lot was almost full by 8:30.

We decided to exit immediately. It was a good decision. There had been only 5″ since the lifts closed, so no epic powder day at the resort. But as soon as we exited the resort, we found about two feet of untracked snow.

Very nice skiing except for the fog. After the first run, we had to wait for a clearing of fog so we could ski down. By the time the first person got to the bottom, the fog would roll back in. The second and third skiers would have only the lonely track to guide them through the White Room.

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