Day 56 – Jedidiah Beach and the North Shore

Distance: 16 miles

Vertical: 6224'

The last storm brought 5-8 inches of light new snow and very high winds. As a result, some slopes had 5-8 on them and some slopes were blown down to the last hard layer.

I figured the only chance of finding decent snow would be on remote north facing slopes. Everything that was easily accessible was dust on crusted tracks.

We headed to Jedidiah Beach and used the Targhee lifts to get up quickly. We got a couple quick shots on the south faces of the Beach. Only a little change in the aspect made a big difference on the amount of dust on crust. On the second run we got it just right and did not feel the crust underneath.

Next stop, the North Shore of the Beach. This is a very remote area and my guess was correct: there were no ski tracks anywhere. The trick is to get through the cliff band that guards the steep, north facing bowls below. The spot I had planned on was too corniced and too steep. Should have brought a rope. We skied along the cliff line to the east and finally found a break in it, and then hiked back up to the starting point.

Having never skied this run, I was nervous, but it turned out to be a magnificent shot to the valley floor with pretty good snow.

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