Day 6 – Heavy, Bottomless, Dangerous

Distance: 8 miles

Vertical: 2500'

Based on my perfect day on Surprise Bowl just two days ago, I went back into Mail Cabin with Frost-On-Rocks and Crazylite. We decided to ski Missing Tree Bowl. We figured if the snow was great on Surprise Bowl. it would probably be great on Missing Tree.

Not so. Sometimes snow gets better with age and sometimes snow gets worse with age. Now, 3 days after the big storm, another 2-4 inches had fallen, the temperature had increased, and the wind had blown.

The snow had gotten worse. It was heavy, bottomless, and more dangerous. As we traversed to Missing Tree bowl along a broad, low-angle ridge, we continually heard and felt whumphing.

When we got to the top of Missing Tree, we discovered that it was barely covered with snow on the top third of the bowl.

We decided to ski a low-angle ridge to reach the deeper snow 300′ below us. Crazylite hit a couple rocks immediately. We all traversed right into a broad gully with more snow and skied down the heavy, bottomless snow.

We climbed back up for one more run and then skied back to the car. Not a bad day, but evidence that it’s still early season and that we need more snow.

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