Day 4 – Olympia

Distance: 4.4 miles

Vertical: 1200'

Finally, the new season has started. Early snow was pretty good, but I decided to wait for more base.

Finally we got another storm with about 8″ of snow. I got to Teton Pass at 6:45 and the parking lot was 2/3 full. Not a good sign for the coming season. I read in the New York Times that there’s a backcountry ski boom due to Covid.

Even though there was new snow, I could see that all the main bowls were frozen moguls and tracks with 8″ of snow on top.

Day 1

Olympia must have blown in because there was very little evidence of bumps or tracks on the top 2/3, but near the bottom, there were frozen bumps and tracks.

Overall, a pretty good day.

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