Day 23 – Asshole Ridges

Distance: 7.21 miles

Vertical: 3361'

The latest storm was another late arrival, and it seemed, maybe, an under-performer. Storms don’t respect schedules or performance expectations. As a result, it’s best to assume they will be early or late, but usually late.

The storm arrived late and ended early, but performed quite well. I think we got around 8″ of new snow, but again we skied about 15-20″ of soft powder.

We didn’t decide exactly what we were skiing until we were almost at the top of the uptrack, which we had to break through heavy, upside down snow. We put in a nice, low angle track. Always a good idea, but even more important if you’re going to climb it more than once.

We ended up climbing it 4 times, and it was very user friendly, even on the fourth lap.

The first run was pretty good, but skied a bit upside down until we hit a steeper pitch and then it was really good. Next run was on a steep ridge, and the snow was almost perfect. The third run was the charm: steep, deep, and hero. The fourth run was on a steep north face and it was the deepest snow I’ve skied this season. Not the best snow, but the deepest.

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