Day 26 – Reliabowl

Distance: 15 miles

Vertical: 6071'

We went out not expecting much. There was about 3-5 inches of new snow, but I figured most of the main bowls would be pretty tracked. I intended to go to a hidden spot that usually has fresh untracked snow, but it’s not very exciting.

Then we got a view of Reliabowl. It was mostly untracked. Too good to pass up. Save the hidden stash for another day.

The snow was close to perfect on the big, untracked north bowl. We did one run on that, and then another on the Ridge.

Next we decided to do Slave Bowl. It was untracked when we did our second run. On the way over, I noticed that someone had broken trail over to Slave. I quickly caught up to a Bobtourage of 7 skiers. We chatted with them and let them go down first.

They took the ridge line. We took the steeper north bowl. It was VERY good.

The skiing was so good, that I decided to finally heed my maxim: if the skiing’s good, ski til you puke. We did five runs and all were very good. I was very tired that evening :)

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