Day 52 – The Big Kahuna

Distance: 6.5 miles

Vertical: 5175'

This is one of those storm cycles I will remember for years. In fact, February has been a great month for storms.

We decided to go somewhere different today. And, as usual, where we intended to go also changed. After doing one south-facing run and one west-facing run, we decided to go back to the south faces.

First, the west-facing runs had old tracks in them, and skiers were flocking to those runs. Second, there was a broad 1000′ wall of south-facing runs that we rarely ski because they are normally crust but today were coated with 15″ of hero snow. And, the south-facing runs were totally untracked.

After making the first 1000′ drop, I was totally energized. We had to ski it again, even though it involved difficult trail breaking up a steep drainage. There was an even better drop just right of our first descent. And there was an even better one just right of that.

It was one of the best ski days of my life for several reasons: the snow was perfect, deep powder; we were skiing runs we’d never done; and there wasn’t another skier in sight.

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