Review: Black Diamond Adjustable Tip Loops for Climbing Skins

I just figured out that the loops that come with Black Diamond skins are adjustable. If you have wide or narrow skis, you can adjust these loops to fit the tip. And it’s a very simple but clever idea.

The reason I found out is I had a pair of BD skins I bought for K2 Coomback skis, but I hardly ever used the skis or skins. I just bought a pair of Dynafit Denali skis and wanted to refit the BD skins I bought for the Coomback skis to the Dynafit skis. The skin width was fine, but because the Denali skis have a much narrower tip, the fastener at the top was too wide and slide down about 3″ from the top of the ski. I went on BD’s website to order a narrower set of loops and found out they are not loops but cable with two ends, each with a ball that allows adjustment.


To adjust them, I unscrewed the 3 screws that hold the plastic body together and moved each cable end to make the loop smaller. Brilliant.

Important: The metal bar is meant to slide off in one direction only. Take a close look at the plastic body and you’ll see that one end is formed to be the stop and the other has two small tabs that snap the metal bar in place. To get the metal bar off, lay the metal bar against your workbench edge and gently tap the plastic body to get it past the tab stops. Once you do, it’s pretty easy to slide off.


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