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What is a Foam-Core-Skier?

I thought you might ask that.

A True Foamer
This is a Foamer is dedicated to people who “Foam” over backcountry powder skiing.

What is a Foam-Core-Skier?

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By definition:

  • foam n. frothy saliva produced especially as a result of physical exertion or a pathological condition.
  • core n. The basic or most important part; the essence: a small core of dedicated supporters; the core of the problem.

To be more specific, a Foam-Core Skier is someone who’s foaming at the mouth about skiing, backcountry skiing that is. If you’re a backcountry skier, you’ve probably met a foamer. They are usually a little wild eyed when they talk about skiing, which is often, and when you talk with them, or listen, really, you are getting hit with spittle as it flies out of their mouth as they foam on about skiing.

Anyone can ski on a lift. All that takes is money. But to ski in the backcountry, where you often have to hike for several hours before you make your first turn, you need powerful drive and desire. But just because you are willing to put up with long approaches and climbs, does not mean you’re a true foamer.

A True Foamer:

  • checks the Teton Pass Cam at least twice a day and would check dozens of other pass cams if they existed
  • is addicted to
  • dreams about skiing
  • would drive from Boulder, CO to Jackson, WY, just because they heard that Jackson is going to get 12 inches of snow
  • is not interested in area skiing (unless the area gets 12+ inches of snow)
  • only wants to ski untracked snow
  • doesn’t need or want a lift
  • is patholigical about skiing
  • is diseased, really
  • believes there are NO friends, girl friends, boy friends, wife, husband, or family on a powder day
  • lies to boss, wife, husband, friends, children, if necessary, to go skiing

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